Making the most of free spins

Free spins are a popular method that online casinos use to encourage new players to sign up for their site. While these bonuses appear to be offering something favourable to players, in truth these free spins provide the casino with a lot of benefits as well. For more indepth, visit or keep reading here.

How to get free spins

Generally, to get free spins you will need to sign up to a new casino site. Doing so will get you a pre-specified number of spins added to your account. You won't, for the most part, need to deposit any of your own money to get these free spins, signing up is enough.

However, not all free spins have no deposit. Some are actually attached to a match deposit bonus, which does require you to make a deposit of some kind. Once you've made that deposit and collected that match bonus, then you will be awarded the free spins afterwards, which is a little misleading for newbies.

Winning on free spins

Once the free spins have been awarded to your casino player account, you can then get playing. It's important to remember that the free spins are always attached to a specific game so spinning on other games will mean that you end up spending your own cash rather than using those free spins.

You will be able to win real money with these spins though. As you spin the reels any wins you get from within the game will be added to your account. However, free spins will always be played at the lowest bet setting the slot has, so don't expect to get any truly life-changing prizes.

Finding the best playthrough requirements

Once you've got some wins under your belt, you may think that you can simply withdraw them and move on. But you won't be able to. Free spins, unless you're very lucky or shrewd in where you sign up to, always have wagering requirements to them, which means you will have to play through any winnings.

These playthrough requirements will vary depending on the casino you're at. Some will be very small like 10x, but others can be as much as 70x. Usually, these requirements are around 20 to 30x and it's this we suggest you aim for. Anything higher than that and it becomes very hard to actually reap a reward.

What games can you play?

Another consideration when it comes to free spins is which games they are eligible for. Free spins are often restricted to one, maybe two slot games and you will need to play these if you intend to use the spins. However, not all of the slot games attached to the spins are that great.

Some of the slots have very low RTPs which means that you're not likely to get much in the way of returns, even when you play them for long periods of time. Others will have varying volatility which can also mean you're not going to get regular or big wins, even when using this free option.

Are free spins worth it?

With all this in mind, you maybe wondering whether taking on free spins is actually worth the hassle. If we're honest, the answer is that they can be, if you choose the right free spins. As outlined above, you'll need to carefully check all of the requirements attached to the slots to make sure you have the best deal.

Even then, you may still not be able to walk away with any winnings the slot has accrued. However, you will have been able to enjoy a new slot, test out a casino and gain valuable experience of online gaming. You may even have used some of your winnings to test out other games, which is no bad thing either.